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“This is a miracle”: 7-year-old girl talks for the first time since she was born

Doyin Okupe, a popular Nigerian politician, has narrated touching story of his nephew’s daughter, who started talking after seven years. According to Doyin, an ace physician who founded Royal Cross Medical Center, his nephew’s daughter, Ojuoluwa Okupe, has never spoken a word since she was born. Fortunately, seven years later, she was at a church service with her father when her story changed.

Ojuoluwa speaks after seven years Ojuoluwa, according to Doyin, was playing in church with other children when she suddenly began to express herself fluently in English.

Sharing the news on Facebook, Doyin wrote: “This is Ojuoluwa Okupe. 7 yrs old daughter of my nephew who has never spoken a word since birth. On Sunday the 31st of April, a miracle actually happened. She arrived at my house with her Dad, for our monthly Praise worship. They both came in when the session was drawing towards a close. “However Ojuoluwa started playing with other kids around, and to everyone’s surprise she simply started having conversations with other kids and expressing herself clearly and distinctly in English language!! Our God is still in the business of performing MIRACLES!!!! Let us Praise and exalt His Holy Name.”

Nigerians react as 7-year-old-girl talks for the first time

Hygienus Obiasogu said: “Wow!!! Praise the name of Jesus!!! To God be all the glory!!!”

Stella Abesiemo wrote: “That is The God that saved me in action again; ever wonderful! Praise God and I rejoice with OjuOluwa’s parents. What a relief!”

John Idoko commented: “If not Him (God) , who else can do such ? Ocean divider. Na Him work oo!! …. Soft work.”

Charles Olajide added: “Is only mad man, says there is no God. May his name be praise.”

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