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Selfless officer spends his lunch break sharing pizza with a homeless woman

There are stories that remind you how much hope there still is in the world. People paying it forward or even just sharing a simple smile has brought more people together in a positive manner. It’s easy to only see the negativity that is flashed all throughout media. But it’s important to shine lights on the greater good happening all around us.

One random act of kindness goes a long way and this story is one to remind us just that.
Officer Goldsboro in North Carolina is a person to see the goodness in everyone. Nine years of working for his city, Goldboro has become familiar with the homeless people in his town.

When one normal day he was patrolling the streets and shared eye contact with a homeless woman he had never seen before. There was something written on the woman’s shirt that stood out to the officer, as it read “Homeless. The fastest way of becoming a nobody.” Goldsboro couldn’t seem to get the woman out of his mind, so he turned his patrol vehicle around.

Officer Goldsboro decided to take his lunch break learning about someone new that day.

This kind-hearted officer picked up some pizza for his new lunch partner and shared stories with one another. This incredible image was taken by someone just passing by in their car and what a wonderful sight that was.

Source: FaceBook Screenshot
The simple act of noticing someone who feels so invisible can impact them immensely.

Officer Goldsboro even came to realize just how similar he and the homeless woman are by being misunderstood in the eyes of society. That day was a blessing for both parties in completely different ways. One thing that remained the same is how grateful these two are for that afternoon interaction. People need empathy and this officer is a wonderful example of a good-hearted individual.

Source: Flickr Image
With all of the luxuries in our lives, we may forget about the ones in need.
No matter what our circumstances are we should be mindful of the others that are less fortunate. Most days the homeless feel as if their ghosts as people rush past as if they’re not even there. It means a great deal to just share a wave or acknowledge that there is still hope.

With more people like Officer Goldsboro, this world would be a much peaceful place.
If only we all could lend a hand every once in a while or even just donate what a huge impact it would make. This remarkable story should inspire others to be kind to everyone, especially the ones in need. Those efforts reach people in so many ways even if it is just a little act. We all need to care for one another in these trying times and this officer is a reminder for us all. We are no better than the other beside us and we should treat everyone just as equal.

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