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Teen selflessly takes care of elderly neighbors and their daughter shares touching photos

Tiki Joyner Edwards always felt that her parents took good care of her while she was growing up, and now they were both facing some health problems, and she wanted to do her best to take care of them. But, unfortunately, she couldn’t be there all the time for them as they were for her.

Tiki Joyner Edwards was lucky enough to find a kind young man who deserved her trust. And he wasn’t even a family member.

His name is Romemylion Mitchell. This teenager made it his personal mission to check on Tiki’s parents, Trent and Cianne Joyner, every day to see if they needed anything. And he is not even blood-related.

Says Tiki, “I just want to take a moment and acknowledge this sweet boy who lives across the street from my parents. He checks on them every day and has grown to love them and care deeply for them. He goes with his dad to the store, helps him with the shopping and brings the groceries…he mows the lawn and anything else they might need. Not many 15-year-olds would take the time to care for and be there for their elderly neighbors.”

Fifteen-year-old Romemylion goes with his father to the store. Mitchell helps him buy what he needs and then helps him bring the groceries inside. He also mows the lawn and does chores and whatever else the elderly couple needs.

“Not many 15-year-olds would have the time to take care of and be there for their elderly neighbors,” she continued.

Romemylion is certainly a busy kid too. He has school work, a social life with kids his own age, and many other responsibilities.

But still, he finds time to sweetly help his neighbors.
And he does this without receiving any kind of compensation. Mitchell is so selfless, and that’s why this story is so special. He is a kind-hearted boy giving a part of his day to help an elderly couple. He does it because he wants to do it. And Tiki’s parents care a lot about him, too.

Romemylion has somehow become part of the family. There is a special bond between the boy and the couple. When Tiki’s mother was in the hospital for a few months, Mitchell was there to see how she was doing.

Says Tiki in his Facebook post, “When he saw his mom today, he broke down crying and held her tight…what a blessing and just wanted to pass on something that would warm our hearts instead of the sad news we see and hear every day.

It is wonderful to see someone with such a beautiful heart be recognized for their actions. In fact, the Facebook post has over 112K shares! There is no doubt that Romemylion will continue to be a good person and change the lives of others as he gets older.

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