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Students sport American flags on cars after administrator orders to remove them

When parents found out their kids had been called into the office for displaying an American flag on their vehicle they were without words.
Schools have dress codes, codes of conduct and other rules that guide students’ conduct, apparel, language and behavior while in those hallowed halls and confining walls.

But when one administrator at Franklin County High School in Virginia attempted to crack down on something surprising, the way kids responded was impressive.

Three students were informed that they could no longer fly the American flag on their trucks because it was considered to be “offensive” and “disruptive.” One of the teen’s moms was shocked!
“My son called me from school saying that he saw an administrator around his truck and is now being called to the office.”
Students sport American flags on cars after administrator orders to remove them
When other students heard what was happening, they were just as stunned. They were Americans, after all, and the flag was a patriotic way for them to show their pride for their country.

So the very next day, a group of fellow classmates rallied around the trio who were in trouble. They formed a caravan of vehicles all displaying the American flag and drove through town together en route to school.

In the video below, you can hear the rumble of the truck’s engines before you see them, a parade of predominantly white-colored trucks proudly flying the American flag. Even a car or two snuck in the flag parade. They pulled into the school parking lot, one vehicle’s horn tooting the first few strains of “Dixie.”

Their act of unity was caught on camera by a mom whose video footage went viral. Hordes of people could not believe that an administrator at a public school forbid the students from displaying the American flag on their vehicles.
That night, one of the original three students’ moms received a phone call from the school’s principal, Jon Crutchfield.

“He has apologized to the boys and told them that it is not against the rules to fly their flag on their truck. Apparently, it was a big misunderstanding that should have never gotten this far.”

Franklin County High School isn’t the only public school where administrators have tried to ban the flag. Administrators at Rocori High School in Minnesota initiated a ban on displaying flags after students flew the Confederate flag on their vehicles parked at the school. School officials said the flags were offensive and caused concern among other students.

The next day, high school students protested the ban. Approximately 25 vehicles flying American flags parked in the school lot. By the end of that day, student leaders and school administrators had reached a compromise that an all-inclusive ban would not be implemented and offensive flags or banners would be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Students at Mount Zion High School in Georgia stood behind a classmate who was told he couldn’t display the American flag on his truck while at school. The classmate took to social media to share his surprise.

“I find it disturbing that when my mom picks me up from school in my truck flying an American flag, a staff member comes outside and tells me that we are not allowed to fly it in the school’s parking lot. It’s not right. This is what we live for. This is what our soldiers are fighting for, things like this.”

Students couldn’t understand how the school could fly the American flag out front in the schoolyard but they couldn’t display one on their vehicles.
Watch the video below and see how the students united together to protest being prohibited from flying the American flag on their vehicles while at school. What do you think about these types of bans?

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