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Stepdad set up fake photoshoot to surprise stepdaughter with adoption request

Getting a wedding proposal and getting married are probably two of the most unforgettable events that could ever happen to a woman’s life, wouldn’t you agree? It’s the best feeling to finally tie the know with a man who they love and cherish and vice versa. To be soon called “wife” and “mother” is just music to any woman’s ears and there’s nothing in this world that would beat that feeling.

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Of course, it isn’t the same case for young girls. To them, their dad is their first “knight in shining armor” and the first man who treats them right. Their dad is the first man to bring them to the cinemas or watch concerts with. To them, their dad is simply the best man alive.

However, for a middle schooler named Kylee, the feeling of having a real dad was something she’d been longing for quite a while.

Get your tissues ready, this story will surely pull your tears down.

Source: YouTube – Tim Bobbitt

Tim was Kylee’s stepdad and although different blood runs through their veins, their relationship was beyond compare. Kylee treated his stepdad as if he’s her real father and so as Tim, he never let the little girl feel like she was just a stepdaughter.

Source: YouTube – Tim Bobbitt

They share special moments together and Tim was beside Kylee during the milestones of her life. He was there to watch Kylee’s cheerleading and dance competitions. They even play video games together, Tim knew how important it was to be beside Kylee and he didn’t disappoint the little girl.

Source: YouTube – Tim Bobbitt

In return, he received Kylee’s trust and most importantly, her love.

Surprise at the wedding.

Source: YouTube – Tim Bobbitt

On his wedding day with Annie, Kylee’s mom, the little girl pulled out a letter at the altar, and on it was a special request for Tim – she asked him to adopt her. At that very moment, he knew he needed to work hard not just to grant her with but also to earn the right to be Kylee’s legal parent.

Source: YouTube – Tim Bobbitt

Days, weeks, and months went by with Tim working on settling the necessary paperwork for Kylee’s adoption. And when everything was finally set and done, he decided to surprise his soon-to-be daughter by setting up a fake photoshoot.

You know when they say huge blessings come when you least expect them, that’s exactly what happened to Kylee that day.

Ready, 1, 2, 3, say “cheese!”

Source: YouTube – Tim Bobbitt

While she was being instructed by the acting photographer, Tim walked and kneeled beside her before reading his letter.

“I absolutely love going to all your cheer and dance comps,” Tim said. “I love watching you grow into the beautiful young lady you are. I love being the person you come to when you are hurt or scared. I love holding your hand when we walk through the store or when you’re scared to ride the roller coaster.”
He continued with the last few lines of his letter and the big revelation of that special day, “But most of all, Kylee. I look forward to the day I can walk you down the aisle when you married because that’s what fathers do. The reason why I can say that is because today, in front of all our family and friends is the day I get to adopt you.”

Source: YouTube – Tim Bobbitt

Upon hearing the surprise, Kylee couldn’t help but cry on his dad’s shoulders. It was such a touching moment, finally, their family became complete and from that day forward, there were no more “stepdad” or “stepdaughter”.

It is true that you don’t need to be blood-related with someone to be their family.

Watch the video below and try not to cry.
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