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Little girl happily hugs her dad after he bought her a new dress (video)

A Nigerian girl has warmed the hearts of many Nigerians on social media over her reaction to the dress her dad bought for her.

In a trending clip, her father bought some clothes for her and was showing them to her one by one while she checked them out.

Little girl happily hugs
In the process, he showed her a lovely dress he bought and gave it to her to assess. The little girl evidently loved the dress and squealed with excitement.

Shen then gave her father a big, long hug to appreciate him for the gift, and affirmed that she loves it a lot.

Fortunately, the adorable video was captured on camera and it is currently making rounds online.

Watch the video below

The video has generated massive reactions from netizens who are moved by the little girl’s display of gratitude.

A Twitter user @JideAkintunde1 wrote,

Wow!!! Beautiful girl..I was moved to tears watching this. May God bless all the men who are trying all their best to make their family happy.There is a different btw a lazy man and a man who is not lazy but has no job!!!

@ifys.kitchen wrote, “Awwww. when you show gratitude for the little someone has done for you, the person will want to do more. Always remember this.”

@ozor_iyanga_iii wrote, “As a father, this is the greatest thing that can happen to me. So beautiful and wholesome”

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