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Illinois Police Officer Performs CPR on Breathless Baby Right in Front of His Crying Mom

An Illinois police officer saved the day after encountering a devastated mother and her dying baby en route to the hospital. The dramatic rescue was captured on video, earning the well-deserved officer accolades.

One officer working with the Posen Police Department in Illinois was crowned a hero after saving the life of a 10-month-old boy, Nathan Jimenez. The incident occurred on Monday, July 18, 2022, in Suburban Posen.

According to the reports obtained from the Police department, officers sprung to action after receiving a call of an infant who had stopped breathing. His parents claimed the young lad lost consciousness after falling off the bed, prompting them to call 911.

Parents of 10-month-old Nathan Jimenez looking concerned as their child is getting resuscitated | Source: Youtube/WGN News

One of the responding officers was Matt Leveille, who arrived at the scene minutes later and found the child’s family on 147th and Harrison already headed towards the hospital. Upon sighting the officers, the child’s parents and grandmother flagged them down, and Leveille immediately put his CPR skills to good use.


A video captured at the scene showed the officer grabbing the baby, who was already limp and not breathing. He then performed CPR to resuscitate him while his mom cried in the background.

Shortly after administering chest compressions to the baby, he broke into loud cries, confirming he could finally breathe again. His parents and grandmother were immediately relieved as the realization hit them. Leveille recalled:

“It took 15 to 30 seconds for him to start breathing and become more responsive. And once we heard him start crying, we knew that things were going to be good.”

Mother of 10-month-old Nathan Jimenez looking concerned as her child is getting resuscitated | Source: Youtube/WGN News

An ambulance arrived at the scene moments later. Medics ascertained the baby’s vitals before strapping him to a stretcher and transporting him to an area hospital for further medical attention.

Leveille was glad he was present at the right time to save the baby’s life. More importantly, he was delighted to have the skills he needed and the confidence to put the knowledge from his CPR training class at the Academy to good use. He described the experience of having a real-life baby come to life as one of the most rewarding things ever.

Grandmother of 10-month-old Nathan Jimenez looking concerned as her grandchild is getting resuscitated | Source: Youtube/WGN News


In an interview after the rescue, the heroic detective opened up about Nathan’s condition, confirming he was out of danger. According to him, he has since spoken with the family, who confirmed the baby was faring well. He divulged:

“We went over to the family’s house two days ago when he got released from the hospital. Was with his mom, dad and grandma. He was happy as can be. He was smiling, alert, looking around.”

While no details about the baby’s medical record were released to the public, the family suspected he went into a seizure after losing consciousness. This, in turn, may have caused him to stop breathing.

10-month-old Nathan Jimenez being carried away in an ambulance | Source: Youtube/WGN News


Paramedics who responded at the scene hailed the brave detective for stepping up when he did. They also credited him with saving baby Nathan’s life, saying the outcome would have been worse if detective Leveille hadn’t been there. Posen Paramedic Cesar Garcia explained:

“Every second counts at that point. So that minute and a half response time that we had, that’s a minute and a half of the baby not circulating oxygen specifically to the brain.”

The family also wrote a letter to the officer, thanking him for what he did to rescue their son. Thanks to Leveille’s intervention, the family also understands the importance of having CPR skills handy.

Police officer Matt Leveille speaking in an interview | Source: Youtube/WGN News


The Jimenez family has since expressed their desire to acquire CPR training. As a result, the Posen mayor, Frank Podbielniak, has taken the initiative to create awareness about the importance of CPR and organize training sessions for residents to pick up life-saving skills. He divulged:

“We are going to educate, and we are going to offer CPR classes over the course of the next couple of months.”

Mayor of Posen, Frank Podbielniak speaking during an interview | Source: Youtube/WGN News

Several netizens have voiced their agreement, noting how important it is for everyone to have some life-saving skills handy. A comment on YouTube read:

“The parents shouldn’t rely on other people. I believe each parent should know basic life-saving skills. CPR and the Heimlich should be taught to everyone.”

Cesar Garcia, a Posen paramedic speaking in an interview | Source: Youtube/WGN News

Leveille is set to receive an honorary award from the City of Posen for his timely, heroic deed. Netizens have also taken to various platforms to commend the heroic officer for his swift response. One insisted detective Leveille got a chance to spearhead the training sessions, saying:

“I’d have that officer instruct the CPR classes. Let people see what a hero looks like up close.”

Others gave the detective the thumbs up, reiterating just how much he deserved the honors bestowed on him. However, the Posen police officer was only grateful the baby pulled through the ordeal and that he was available for the family when they needed him. Moments like this make becoming an officer worthwhile.

For many, such actions help keep hope alive, leaving residents confident in the ability of law enforcement agencies to safeguard citizens and the country as a whole.

With Nathan reuniting with his parents safely thanks to Detective Leveille’s intervention, the family would certainly have good recollections of the Posen police, especially the brave officer who helped save their son’s life.

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