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Adopted Boy Who Struggled To Survive Receives First Birthday Cake Of His Life

After a life of endless struggle, a youngster’s life changed most unexpectedly when fate blessed him with loving parents. He experienced many moments for the first time in his new family, including his first birthday cake, which led to intense hugs, sheer gratitude, and an emotional meltdown.

Every child dreams of having a permanent home with affectionate parents and playful siblings. Sadly, many kids are forced to lead a life devoid of parental love and attention, which can adversely impact their mental and emotional well-being.

But it’s heartwarming to note that countless children have found forever homes and a renewed chance at a better, happier life, thanks to adoption. Something similar unfolded for the youngster in today’s story when life gave him an incredible surprise.


Jamie and Joe Walker’s paths crossed when they were sophomores in high school. Growing up in divorced homes with only one sibling, they longed to be surrounded by many siblings and noisy household environments.

The duo tied the knot after college, while Joe was occupied with law school and Jamie was a high-school teacher. After Joe became a Corporate Litigation attorney and Jamie got her graduate degree, the couple decided to start their family.

After welcoming their first boy, the Walkers were blessed with their second son 20 months later. Much to the couple’s surprise, they later discovered they were pregnant with twins. Joe and Jamie’s home was finally echoing with the cries and laughter of four children, including their twin girls.

The couple mutually agreed not to have more kids when their daughters were a few months older. However, before proceeding, Joe asked his wife to promise they would someday consider adoption. Jamie didn’t think much about it then because she thought she was done raising little ones.

As was expected, he couldn’t control his emotions and ran straight into his mother’s arms, hugging her as if nothing else mattered.
Time passed, and Jamie started a new business in the summer of 2013 after being a stay-at-home mom for 2.5 years. Joe supported his better half and began looking for new opportunities for himself. Shortly afterward, the family packed their bags and moved to Waxhaw, North Carolina.


Initially, it took the Walkers quite some time to settle down, make new friends and connect with their neighbors. During a business trip, they met a couple, Erica and her husband, Jason, who were founders of THE RAINING SEASON, an orphanage in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Joe and Jason became great friends quickly and enjoyed connecting over their shared passions. The Walkers even sponsored children at the orphanage and donated whenever possible. But Joe still wanted to do something — he wished to visit TRS.

In January 2019, Jamie waved her husband goodbye as he prepared to visit Sierra Leone for the first time. She noted that she was used to Joe leaving to help kids in need, as he had embarked on a journey to Guatemala with the Pencils of Promise organization in 2018.

Jamie said she first didn’t know about Sierra Leone and had to find it on the map. After some research, she discovered that it was the seventh poorest country in the world, and its population of over seven million was still recovering from the aftereffects of its civil war.

On the other hand, Joe arrived in Sierra Leone and visited the orphanage, where he met many cheerful kids. Amongst them was James — a well-spoken and confident youngster. During their time together, Joe and James played sports and games and took many pictures.

When Joe returned home, he told his wife about James and strongly desired to mentor him. In July 2019, Joe returned to the orphanage to see James and met his brother, Abraham.

Before Joe’s second visit, James and Abraham had been forcibly reunited with their family, but they knew it wouldn’t be long before they found themselves on the streets, struggling for survival. While Joe deeply cared for the two brothers, he also wished to help the other kids at TRS.

Finally, it was time for Joe to leave, but when he reached North Carolina, Jamie could tell that something was different about him. Then, he shared his calling with his wife. Jamie recalled:

“Joe approached me with the idea of adopting the boys, and I said he was crazy.”

Jamie mentioned that she was happy to provide financial assistance to the brothers, but she had never planned for adoption. However, after a few weeks, she decided to meet James and Abraham herself and made the journey to Sierra Leone in November 2019. Regarding meeting Abraham, Jamie said:

“[Abraham] came barreling at me, arms wide, eyes bright, and smile exploding. He was smaller than I imagined him to be, but I immediately felt at ease around him.”

She met James later in the day while touring the orphanage. He was among the group of boys who watched Jamie from a balcony. “They looked, I looked, and then James smiled and waved. It was magnetic. It was a shift,” expressed Jamie.


Several questions raced through Jamie’s mind as she struggled to understand her feelings. Since she and Joe didn’t want it to be a spur-of-the-moment decision, they talked things through and shared everything with their children. The couple even asked James and Abraham if they would like to join their family.

Once everything was sorted out, the Walkers began the adoption process around Thanksgiving 2019. In January 2020, Joe and his two biological sons visited James and Abraham in Sierra Leone, where the young men instantly bonded.

Soon afterward, the world became familiar with the COVID-19 pandemic. Safety procedures being put in place meant slow documentation processing, which deeply upset the Walkers. Finally, in October 2020, Joe and Jamie became the two brothers’ official guardians.


After prolonged denial and detours, the Walkers received approval to adopt the brothers in the U.S. in September 2021. On November 5, 2021, Joe returned to North Carolina with two new members of the Walker family — James and Abraham.

Since becoming a family of eight, the Walkers have celebrated countless moments together, many of which have been “firsts” for the two siblings. From everyday things like escalators and car wash to Thanksgiving and Christmas, James and Abraham continue to experience joy and love with their new family.

The brothers’ first day of school in America called for a massive celebration, and so did their birthdays. They had never been used to having cakes, blowing candles, receiving gifts, and being warmly surprised on their special day.

For Abraham’s first birthday in May 2022, the Walkers surprised him with a themed cake with his favorite things — a toy car and track hurdler. But most importantly, the cake had his name and was meant to celebrate his beautiful existence.

When Abraham saw the cake and everyone gathered in the room just for him, he couldn’t hold back his tears. It was an incredibly heartwarming first birthday celebration with his family that he would never forget. In Jamie’s words:

“James and Abraham have given us so much perspective on what’s important, what we take for granted, and how important family is.”

In June 2022, the Walkers threw another surprise party, this time for James. A short video showed the young man sitting comfortably across the table when a candle-lit cake appeared before him.

As was expected, he couldn’t control his emotions and ran straight into his mother’s arms, hugging her as if nothing else mattered.

Jamie shared the clip on social media and wrote a heart-touching caption alongside, a part of which read:

“The most intense hug I’ve ever had. I could feel his joy, his gratitude, his hope, his love, his everything. It was all there wrapped around me.”

Jamie noted that she and Joe were no experts in adoption, but something tugged at their heartstrings when they met James and Abraham. Fortunately, it was mutual and strong enough to bring them together and foster lasting familial bonds.

We hope the Walkers continue celebrating many more worthwhile moments with James, Abraham, and their other children. If this story touched your heart.

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